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From what I can see, the United States is way behind on supporting new media
art efforts, of course, we're not very good at supporting our traditional arts practices either. Instead, we are way too busy trying to find ways to tax Internet revenues and to control this frontier. (This, it just occurred to me, is evidence of how an individual or a culture brings their age-old beliefs and practices to cybercountry, a subject on which I waxed prosaic in a previous message.)

I am continually amazed at what new media schools and practitioners in other countries are doing and how their educational, aesthetic and technological efforts are much better supported than are ours. Of course, this leads into the matter of how so many in my country view new media as a threat to their professional well-being.

Christine Goldbeck

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It was a pleasure to explore those links..thank you for sending them in
..its work i never woudl have located myself.. i'm particularly taken with
the Maori girl game design..

i tend to agree with a Paul Annear that every spot produces different art -
what comes from windy Wellington will be different than what comes form
chilly Dunedin or balmy Auckland.. geography actually plays a big part in
art production.. even despite the fact that its virtual art that lives in
the non geographically bound ether . it still must be a product of its

I just wrote an article in Artlink this month about the very same topic of
localised networked art production, but concerning Australian and other
works showing at ISEA and Ars Electronica. i think perhaps what happens is
that points of connection and similarity between global spaces emerges .
what is happening is that local space is becoming more and more important in
its defining parameters. local space is at once unique but local can also
consist of specifically similar physical geographic and cultural nodal
points connected across the globe.
and types of work come from different locations ie in Australia video work
may come form Sydney , while games will come from Brisbane and Melbourne

thanks too Danny for sending in your Strategic Digital Arts Developments in
Aotearoa New Zealand. i think is extremely important to see how work is
fostered in specific countries, I knwo Hong Kong is just thinking of setting
up specific new medi funding , while Australia blindly dumps ours.
Its easy to see where instructions and individual drive make a difference,
however im wondering how major a role those who often remain invisible in
this investigation take? Im referring to those non artists
involved..government and academic researchers , boards policy makers, and
those with insight to make available funding to develop a community which
can foster emerging talent. i see nz actively doing this.


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