Re: [-empyre-] residing in cyberspace

On Wed, 5 Jan 2005, Christine Goldbeck wrote:

I am hoping that people, men and women, who are marginalized in their own culture, can use this cyberworld to explore those identities and dreams and I am hoping that new media storytellers and artists are able to show them the way through our work.

Just a minor point - this for me has always been a sore point. We can learn more from marginalized people, I think, than we have to offer. We can talk and talk, but we rarely really listen. I run into this in the US when I hear blanket condemnations of the south, or the 'red states,' or whatever; very few people have actually listened, for example, to southern preachers, or tried to learn the difference between one church and another - and yet the same people, outside people, feel they can lead the way.

I know what you're getting at, but this troubles me.

- Alan

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