Re: [-empyre-] residing in cyberspace

maybe thinking about sites of residence also leads us to discussions of networks. I have a feeling that the networks that operate within nz are very strong and perhaps unique - helen (who was once my landlady!)'s aunt's sister might be able to get me a gig somewhere... but also our formalised networks, like the beginning points of ADA (stella do you want to talk about this here?), are not geographical, but are based on the local. Nz has strong social and real spaces, but I do not think networks operate in here, rather the networks I am thinking about are movements, between things, (us/people), rather than being things (subjects) in themselves. I think I owe something to Bruno Latour here. But what networks do, and perhaps this helps with the idea of place or residence, is that they stabilise relationships for just a short period of time, they generate meaningful systems of exchange, and i think both kiwis and cyberspace are good at this.

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