[-empyre-] gender and tech...*

hi helen marc/ et al
>at the same time a lot of attitudes are perpetuated and
> carried into the new spaces,but i  don't
> know whether this has resulted in a reduction of discrimination  &
> harrassment in the workplace cyberspace is not so different to the 
> world  ...

yes indeed even though the 'new media/net art /uncolonised new space/
ideas hold a lot of possibilities - that i often am inspired by, I am
often confronted with the wheel repeating itself especially on the level
of coding -
e/g Debian women coders using a a male pseudonym to avoid remarks about
their coding style and basically to avoid levelling on terms of
class/race/gender [not so far away were the female authors doing this same
thing in terms of literary texts last century] ]

so its important to keep the hype real concrete and down to earth, as we
all have to go to the shop and buy milk [well soy or cow whateva]

Nancy Mauro-Flude

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