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both - it's a place to discuss the physical weather & to make the virtual weather.

when i'm doing online workshops or link-ups, the weather always comes up early on, people want to know what it's like where the others are. maybe it's just small-talk, maybe it's a way of mentally connecting & building a picture of the person you're chatting to, maybe it's an anchor so that we don't lose ourselves in cyberspace. there's probably someone doing a phd on the topic somewhere ...

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At 8:55 PM +1300 13/1/05, The Paul Annears wrote:
Is the net primarily a place to discuss the weather or to make the weather?

May I suggest that the net is a [NON] place to do and to discuss but
in either case the doing or the discussing must be more than dull and
more than provocative, it must, like a butoh stripper, pin and set
free the butterfly participant.

A Paul Annear

On Tue, 11 Jan 2005 23:50:16 +1300, Helen Varley Jamieson
<> wrote:
 the beauty of the net is that you can make your own weather.

 in wellington's defence, after a cold & cloudy start this morning,
 the skies cleared, the sun came out, the lawn got mowed & we ate
 dinner outside in the warm evening sun.

 now i just need to copy&paste that for the next few months ....

 h : )

 >On Tue, 11 Jan 2005, The Paul Annears wrote:
 >>  > > it ain't summer in wellington ... : (
 >>  Is it summer on the net?  Now or ever?
 >which is gloomier in summer...the net or wellington? ;)
 >...wellington i rekn
> >

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