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I was thinking more that it suggests a loosening up of cultural territories post the vigorous appropriation debate that locked Maori and Pakeha into fixed positions for much of the last part of the 20th century especially in the art historical field. It implies acting in trust and within an intermediary space that for some people is genetic and for others is cultural. In Niki Caro's case she's acting within a highly mediated spatial field that is not just architectural - it evolved out of vigorous negotiation - hours, days, weeks of it; emerging friendships, land and tribal histories, knowledge of protocol or tikanga Maori, memories, conflicts, fears, expectations and the lingering knowledge of how hard Maori have fought to exercise some ownership of their own cultural product. Out of all this Niki Caro takes the mantle and goes about some directorial dreaming. This spatial field is one that also Michael King NZ historian spent his life negotiating and implies a lot of mana or spiritual status in New Zealand society. It means that at his funeral last year someone recalled in the NZ Herald that the singing was an intertwining of choral aria and Maori kuia wailing (female elders) spiralling up above the congregation. What would Deleuze say about that?

Jacquie Clarke

On 13/01/2005, at 9:27 PM, The Paul Annears wrote:

Doesn't this factoid suggest that a 'pakeha' living in Aotearoa will
be part Maori, a and Maori living in New Zealand will be part

This human swimming in the web is part chip. The chip swimming with me
is part fish?


On Thu, 13 Jan 2005 17:12:57 +1100, Melinda Rackham <melinda@subtle.net> wrote:
it might be worth mentioning that Whale Rider was directed by Nicky Caro who
is a Pakeha film director.

Jacquie Clarke

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