[-empyre-] Introducing Adam Hyde

Adam Hyde is co-founder (together with Honor Harger) of the hybrid net /
.cast entity ,r a d i o q u a l i a <http://www.radioqualia.net>. rQ have
frequently internationally and recently won a UNESCO Digital Art Award at
ISEA2004 for their 'Radio Astronomy' project

Adam is also a programmer and teacher, and currently he is organising a
festival in New Zealand titled 're:mote' with Honor Harger and NZ artist duo
'Ethermap', formed by Adam Willets and Zita Joyce <http://www.ethermap.org>.

While currently the Digital Artist in Residence at Waikato University, Adam
lives most of the year 'overseas'. However he has maintained an active
interest in New Zealand New Media culture, trying to return to NZ once a
year,  and participates frequently on the ADA list.

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