Re: [-empyre-] speaking of film.. and global art industry

this is very true Melinda
... it's one of the things it made me make up my mind about settling
in Australia pretty quickly... and choosing to work in new media which seamed
to me (at the time) free of historical, mostly Western European, baggage the visual
arts... going to uni to study art though, brought much of it back on!

culture moves hundreds years slower then media and in this context
freedom is very relative... even an illusion.


On 12/01/2005, at 8:55 PM, Melinda Rackham wrote:

speaking as an Australian i think there is a very great advantage to being
a relatively small and peripherally positioned blended culture. i see this
in terms of freedom from either the weight of European, Indian or eastern
art history and philosophy, or the mainstream expectations of the US global
culture machine; and in terms of the innovation and creative solutions
which can arise in an off centred space... this freedom humility and
perspective gained form not thinking one is the centre of universal culture
makes for great art practices, in whatever form they manifest.


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