Re: [-empyre-] speaking of film..

Barrie, my apologies for not giving due credit! I've missed some of the
discussion with my crappy e-mail filing etc.

Also, I carelessly left the final "a" off Nancy Adajania's name.

What's interesting/depressing about the whole thing is how, even without my
usual "special-interest" prompting :7, this like many conversations about
"New Zealand culture" turns to discussion of Maori, particularly when there
are no Maori present. But as Su implies in her excellent post, we're not
quite sure what to talk about when we try and account for the "not quite
fully developed" first world subjectivities that put a brake on the cultural
nationalism exhorted by the various state entities.  So we go overseas
because the locality of home in NZ is not quite "settled" for settler
culture. Locality then becomes the narration of distance between one's
implication in various other centres and "home". What else can we do?
Anyway, Maori by and large do the cultural work of making NZ distinctive for
minor benefit and possibly net loss.  I'd also like to see a well-funded,
sweeping retrospective claim on unauthorised use of Aboriginal trademarks
launched in Australia, if only to make the point that there are limitations
to the cultural vocabulary in new settler societies, and that these
limitations are constitutive of the cultural formations that emerge within
them. Which I don't want to disavow, it does do something interesting, it's
who I am, but the critical languages available for interrorgating it are not

I'm about to go under again for a couple of days for a conference on "open
content licensing" and the launch of the Australian "creative commons
license", which is not exactly the kind of local response to globalisation I
might want to advocate, but it'll have ethnographic appeal.

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> Danny, minor correction, no big deal, it was me who raised film on 12.01.05
> as follows:

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