[-empyre-] Introducing Ian Clothier

Ian M Clothier is an artist writer based in the South Pacific. He currently
lectures at the Western Institute of Technology at Taranaki, New Zealand and
is Chair of the Centre for Creative Arts there.

He was a selected artist for ISEA 2004, for Digitalis: Ethno-techno 2004 in
Vancouver Canada, and for the Wandering Rocks collaboration of the ReJoyce
2004 Festival in Dublin. In 2003 he participated in the exhibition Nga Waka
at the Auckland College of Education and the screening of Digital Stories at
the Govett Brewster Art Gallery. In 2002 he exhibited in Wild 2002 at the
Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery, as part of participation in Solar Circuit
International New Media Workshop and Residency.

Creative works and research are focused around nonlinearity and cultural
hybridity. Media utilised are project dependent and are drawn from
interactive media, moving and still image projection and print, web based
animation, web site authoring, poetry, text, drawing and painting.

Editor of art-themagazine.com, he has also contributed to rhizome.org, was
an invited speaker to the Ninth International Conference on Thinking, has
published academic papers in the United Kingdom and New Zealand, and
delivered talks to conferences including the Aotearoa Association of Art
Educators, Spark 3, the NZ Association of Research in Education Conference
and at the Govett-Brewster Art Gallery.

http://www.art-themagazine.com/ian - personal site

http://www.art-themagazine.com/hybridia - ongoing hybrid cultural web and
offline project

http://www.art-themagazine.com/ - editor

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