Re: [-empyre-] speaking of flim flam

the discussion's fluidity and wrong-end-of-the-telescope view of
new media in NZ provokes in me the recognition of an endemic attitude; an
attitude that locally finds expression in an again market-led (however
illegitimately applied the ideology) obsession with national icons
specifically as branding tools inside a world cultural topos. This attitude searches Whale Rider, Once Were Warriors and even Lord of the Rings, in order to find something, some
clue to an identity that clearly is hiding.

I made an exhibition called 'end user' (on my website under 2003) digitally manipulating images of new zealand i found on the microsoft clip art download gallery. this is a range of images (animated paperclips to generic images of multicultural office situations) free for download, intended to embelllish your powerpoint presentations, spreadsheets, whathaveyou. i was astounded that someone obviously uploaded their holiday photos from what looked like a very pretty ( sheep in the sunset, yachts, forest) trip around new zealand. i took the images, manipulated them, printed them at the highest resolution i could squeeze out of my printer and presented them with '100 per cent new zealand' branded magnifying glasses for closer examination. interestingly enough, this was the first work i ever sold...

did you know that the bit torrent icon is derived from one of these images? - a waterfall in the milford sound, i think...

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