[-empyre-] empyre, nz and animation

I'm curious to know what is happening with animation in nz, cross culture or
whatever. I'm not particularly thinking about the kind of stuff that comes
out of WETA and other outstanding studios, more of what perhaps individuals
and small independant studios are doing. Work like Adam Elliot's Harvie
Krumpet and what Leunig does over here, close looks at life, human
behaviour, human and cultural relations ... and of course life, the universe
and everything.

Len Lye of course comes to mind, we had an exhibition here in Sydney a while
back, his sculpture and animations, his use of sound was very interesting to

And we recently had an exhibition of someone I greatly admire, not an nzer,
south african William Kentridge, at the MCA in Sydney. He was/is an observer
of apparthied in South Africa and his work, amongst other things reflects
his reactions to the issues of that time. His animated charcoal drawings
have a very powerful presence, all that charcoal moving around, it seemed to
me like Phillip Pullman's dust in his Y.A. trilogy 'His Dark Materials'.


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