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toshi endo (, and josh on
( are 2 nzers who do
great animation work


On Fri, 21
Jan 2005, Barrie wrote:

> I'm curious to know what is happening with animation in nz, cross culture or
> whatever. I'm not particularly thinking about the kind of stuff that comes
> out of WETA and other outstanding studios, more of what perhaps individuals
> and small independant studios are doing. Work like Adam Elliot's Harvie
> Krumpet and what Leunig does over here, close looks at life, human
> behaviour, human and cultural relations ... and of course life, the universe
> and everything.
> Len Lye of course comes to mind, we had an exhibition here in Sydney a while
> back, his sculpture and animations, his use of sound was very interesting to
> me.
> And we recently had an exhibition of someone I greatly admire, not an nzer,
> south african William Kentridge, at the MCA in Sydney. He was/is an observer
> of apparthied in South Africa and his work, amongst other things reflects
> his reactions to the issues of that time. His animated charcoal drawings
> have a very powerful presence, all that charcoal moving around, it seemed to
> me like Phillip Pullman's dust in his Y.A. trilogy 'His Dark Materials'.
> Barrie
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