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there was quite a bit of discussion about these awards on the ada list when they were first announced (mostly around the omission of a sound art category). it's a bit hard to make anything of it when it's the first one but at least digital arts are starting to be recognised in a wider context (even if there is a corporate agenda attached to it). can we call NZ$40,000 (less than 20,000 euros) across four categories a "major investment"? by nz standards perhaps it is - & it's definitely better than nothing. the vodaphone awards, ada list, hitlab workshops, version festival & various events coming up this year are all helping to establish a local/national forum for our work as well as opportunities to meet & network & generate a sense of community in aotearoa/nz. maybe the australia council's move will have a negative impact on creative nz's new media strategy (i hope not) but it seems to me that the energy & desire is there at a grassroots level which is healthy & ultimately more self-sustaining.
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On a different tack, though in relation to the state:  I wonder what people
make of the recent Vodafone digital art awards -

I realise Su that you won't be able to talk about this, but in an
environment of low public investment in new media arts, and a culture
without a strong tradition of private philanthropy, it seems interesting to
me that that it should be a multinational mobile phone provider making a
major investment in  "Digital Arts". Perhaps this could be read productively
alongside the disbanding of the Australia Council New Media Arts board? Are
we going to see more of this?



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