[-empyre-] belatedly intorducing Danny Butt

Danny Butt  http://weblog.dannybutt.net is an independent consultant and
researcher in the new media, arts and education fields. Previously, he was
founding Director of the Creative Industries Research Centre at the Waikato
Institute of Technology, Hamilton, where he lectured in digital media and
established the Digital Media Design programme. His publications cover the
information society, new media arts, and cross-cultural research; and he
convenes the #place mailing list on location, cultural politics and social

Before working in the academy, he held a range of positions in the music,
publishing, new media, contemporary arts, and advertising industries,
including consulting and strategy work for leading Australasian media
companies such as The Radio Network, Saatchi and Saatchi New Zealand, and
the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. He is the only New Zealand member
of ORBICOM - the UNESCO Chairs in Communications; and is New Zealand
representative on the Panel of Authors for the UNDP¹s Digital Review of Asia

For a number of years he was on the facilitation board for Fibreculture, the
Australian network for internet research and theory. His research interests
centre on thesocial impact of new media technologies, colonisation and
settler culture, and the development of the creative industries sector in
the Asia-Pacific region.

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