[-empyre-] ka kite ano

Is is possible to sum up something so un-summ-able? For me empyre this month has been framed almost exactly by a month of travel to and from new zealand and the attendant reunification with places, locations, people and smells that that entails. This is my first night back in sydney, and i find myself even more uncertain as to what 'we' have been (are) up to in aotearoa/nz, and particularly what was meant by 'our' first collective interjection into empyre-space. I am aware of all the eyes I have talked to over the past month, eyes that have questioned the discussion and its tangents, eyes that have spoken to me, made suggestions, and started new conversations. This offline murmuring has been challenging, and has made me wonder if the issue is one of exposure. If it has felt as messy for others as it has felt for me, perhaps that is just to be expected. 'We' have exposed ourselves for the small, foundering, uncertain, naïve, distracted, (even disagreeable) community that we are. I'd hate for that to change.

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