[-empyre-] Thank you Aotearoans

Thankyou so much to our guests Su Ballard, Stella Brennan, Danny Butt, Ian
Clothier, Adam Hyde, Trudy Lane, and Helen Varley Jamieson, and The Paul
Annears for bringing us such a diversity of  perspectives on media arts in
Aotearoa \ New Zealand.

As Su eloquently posted earlier, it has been a month of southern "exposure"
and may have felt a little uneasy at times. In my mind this is precisely the
value of these online dialogues - a place to explore newness, uncover and
perhaps discard preconceptions,  and to look closely at the fluid formation
and ever changing allegiances which we call community.

I wish particularly to thank our guests for their forthrightness  and
generosity of spirit in sharing so many great links to  works I otherwise
would never have seen,  as well as willingness to engage in often emotive
discussions  in terms of racial divides within the arts community, notions
of statehood and homeland.

It was a pleasure to witness fresh ideas,  free form a slick veneer of
practiced repetition. With this resurgence of energy and interest I am
looking forward to seeing more outstanding media art emanating from Aotearoa


Dr Melinda Rackham
artist | curator | producer
-empyre-  media forum

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