[-empyre-] Digest mode ?

Dear empyreans,

those of you who prefer to receive your -empyre- list in Digest mode may
have noticed that when we migrated the -empyre- server earlier this month,
and upgraded to a newer version of teh open source mailman which  we run on,
that you may now be receiving  your -empyre- mail in the "raw" version. This
was a transition glitch we unfortunately didn't foresee. this upgrade has
some great advantages tho. Please check out the built-in -empyre- search
facility, at the archive page of our web site.

As all your passwords are sent out automatically at the end of the month
tonight,  if you wish to , you can log into -empyre- from
http://www.subtle.net/empyre , choose the  "joining and using"  menu,  input
your password and  reset this option to "Digest" in your private
subscription area.

If you have any difficulties doing this, please email
and either Melinda, Christina, Michael or Jim will be able to assist you .

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