[-empyre-] to Chris Ashley, Abe Linkoln, jimpunk and Tom Moody

As we conclude the month's panel discussing several artists' work, and
weblog as a medium for a new net art, we bid farewell to Chris Ashley, and
offer sincere thanks for his contributions to the discussion, and for
sharing his series of (interpretive?) HTML drawings to reflect memes of the

The discussion covered significant ground: a discussion of the weblog as a
medium - independent of content; several conversations engaging the weblog
as a cultural object; discussions of, and engaging the individual artists'
work.  Also intriguing were the efforts by the artists to make the space of
the list plastic, including weblogged backchannel discussions, posting of
new works referencing on-list discussions, and the examination and critique
of posted content through animation, sound and visual.

Thanks also to Abe Linkoln, jimpunk and Tom Moody for their contributions to
the "listservosphere" in the first days of the month.  I, for one, regret
not being able to engage them in more discussion about their work on the
-empyre- list.

With best wishes,

Michael Arnold Mages

Digital Media Studies
University of Denver, USA

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