[-empyre-] Final words, last gasp, parting shots, going down for the count...

Final words, last gasp, parting shots, going down for
the count...

Assuming I've counted correctly, according to the
archives at
during the month of June:

* 183 messages were posted by 38 individuals.

* 4 of the 38 individuals were the panelists, so that
leaves 34 members of empyre who posted during the

* If I've counted right I've posted 72 messages to the
list during June. 28 of these posts were drawings (no
drawings posted June 11 & 12). That means I made 44
written posts.

* The other 3 panelists posted a combined 23 messages.

* That means the 4 guests posted a total of 95
messages, over half of all 183 messages during June.

* Who posted the other 88 messages?
15 members of empyre posted 1 message.
8 members of empyre posted 2 messages.
3 members of empyre posted 3 messages.
4 members of empyre posted 4 messages.
1 members of empyre posted 6 messages.
3 members of empyre posted 9 messages.

I won't count that again to make sure it's absolutely
correct- it's at least close, and you get the idea.

I have no idea how representative this is of other
months.  What quick conclusions might be drawn from
* A very small hardcore participates.  
* A very small hardcore responds to the topic, and
that could change from month to month.
* Participation is spotty among the greater
membership; many members aren't really part of the
conversation during the month.
*Draw your own conclusions.

And now the most important fact- I posted the most, so
I win.  Now, what's my prize?  That's why I signed up
for this thing, anyway.

Finally, here are the titles I culled from emails to
which I responded to make an HTML drawing.  The two
called "Untitled" don't have another title because
there wasn't a post that day or I didn't feel like
digging back into previous days.  It's a reflection of
the activity.  There are only 28 drawings because I
was out of town two days (BTW, I write this from
Ithaca, NY, where I have been since Monday; I fly home
tomorrow).  When I look these titles over they seem to
capture something for me about this month's
experience.  The month's drawings are at

# Untitled (-empyre- 30)
# I Always Judge My Pictures (-empyre- 29)
# Theoretically Motivated Camp (-empyre- 28)
# Outpouring of the Human Soul (-empyre 27-)
# Because He Said So (-empyre- 26)
# Trappings as Ornament (-empyre- 25)
# Temporal Instability (-empyre- 24)
# Untitled (-empyre- 23)
# Angry Bees and Tweaked-out Bats (-empyre- 22)
# Yawn and Perceive (-empyre- 21)
# Percolating (-empyre- 20)
# Bedroom Guitar (-empyre- 19)
# Natural and Literal (-empyre- 18)
# A Smile on My Face (-empyre- 17)
# Elementary Content Alteration (-empyre- 16)
# Fill the Void (-empyre- 15)
# Sensory Immersive Option (-empyre- 14)
# Untitled (-empyre 13)
# Because I'm Lazy (-empyre- 10)
# Shake Things Up (-empyre- 9)
# Neither Univocal or Monolithic (-empyre- 8)
# An Exhaustive List of the Potentialities (-empyre-
# Another Cryptic Move (-empyre- 6)
# Maybe He Can Illuminate Us (-empyre- 5)
# Logistical Issues (-empyre- 3)
# Free-Ranging Consequential Node Paradigm (-empyre-
# Bottom of the Question (-empyre- 2)
# Cinematic Dataculture (-empyre- 1)

That's it.  Cheers and best wishes.


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