Re: [-empyre-] networked_performance 2


Other questions we are interested in include:

1. How is performance changing in response to networked computing
technologies (mobile, satellite/GPS, internet)?

2. What is the relationship of 'real-time' computing to liveness and

3. What is the relationship of agency and authorship to performativity? Is
performativity synonymous with being an actor, agent, or author? Is
³performer² another label for the user/viewer/visitor/ of an interactive

4. As the use of the network becomes more social, adopting the peer-to-peer
model, what does this imply for performance and as performative?

5. How are network processes (algorithmic, procedural rule-based systems,
generative) influencing or being investigated by performance?

6. How are networked concepts as modes of communication (granularity, open
source, emergent behavior, affordance, latency, ubiquitous computing)
impacting performance?

-- Helen and Michelle


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