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A quick reply:

Alan, a lot of the work we're seeing on the networked_performance blog
invites people to take part in activities on the street. And therefore to
confront the real and any dangers it may hold.

-- Helen

on 7/3/05 10:47 PM, Alan Sondheim at wrote:

> Hi - Stelarc's performances - there were early ones - that involved hooks
> - I think 16? or so were completed - the online work/networking work is
> different - as far as I know, no hooks -
> I'm following this discussion with great interest - wondering if anyone
> can address the issue of (Levinas') alterity - the issue of face-to-face;
> it seems to me that one of the characteristics of, say, email, or net sex,
> or online performance, is that the kill/delete/dev/null keys can be used
> quite quickly - in other words, one can tailor one's online experience by
> absolutely elminating the negative - but in everyday life, there is always
> the possibility of (Sartrean) negation - of having, so to speak, one's
> existence annihilated, one turned down, without recourse (thinking of what
> happens when one asks someone out and is refused, or for that matter, an
> unfortunate encounter with Simon Penny last night, who basically looked
> through me and saw an imaginary). This is also the realm of the stand-up
> comic, who is in the situation of a wager, really a wager of existence,
> with her or his audience.
> There is a terror in the real, in other words, a terror of negation, that
> plays only a secondary role in online performance (performance in the
> broadest sense).
> Any comments greatly appreciated; apologies if irrelevant -
> Alan
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