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on 7/6/05 11:54 AM, Pall Thayer at wrote:

> At this point, I'm more interested in capturing "normal"
> behaviour. So it's more about a sensitive environment rather than a
> responsive environment. The work doesn't respond to whoever interacts
> with it, it simply records or transmits the information to another
> viewing public. This ties into some ideas I've been working with in
> regards to abstraction for quite some time.

Pall, can you talk about this more.  I love the idea of a sensitive
environment, although I'm pretty sure a responsive one could be sensitive as

As I read you, I might walk into a room, do something that triggers
something else but never know it. In the meantime another audience is
viewing the results of my unconscious behavior in the room ?..

Autodrawn is a bit like this, isn't it? While human interaction doesn¹t play
a part and It¹s the computer that¹s ³performing as the intermediary of a
live moment,²  i.e.,  the computer is playing artist in real time, sketching
images seen on online webcams.  The computer is responding to the
"unconscious" behavior of motorists on the autobahn.  And their behavior is
being monitored and rendered for us, another audience.

Or am I way off track?

- Helen


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