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Hi, Komninos
I don´t know, but it seems Helen and the others would agree with me in the idea
that it IS possilble to capture "that presence in the atmosphere around you of
a certain something" and I give an example that comes from my mind exactly now
and has to do with you precisely. Every time I show to my students, your little
movie about your name (k0mninos-kom-kom-I'm not a komunist etc) it evokes me
your presence. Obviously it happens because I saw you laughing and performing.
To another one who did not see you, though, the power of your work turns to be
the power of evoking some traces of your presence which are quite similar to
those that someone who knows you, may experience.
That was, btw, the thesis defended by lots of network performers, i. e, the idea
that we are entering a new conception of presence (expanded) which gives birth
also to a new concept of (expanded) memory.
Lucio BR

Citando Komninos Zervos <>:

> lucio, helen, michelle, greetings
> i would like to ask, in relation to liveness, the role of the audience in
> adding to a live performance.
> how does one capture that energy that builds through a performance, in the
> exchanges between performer and audience, that ultimately impact on the
> performer and performance?
> that energy is something that even a video recording doesn't actually
> capture, that presence in the atmosphere around you of a certain something,
> non-physical but present, that you feel moving back and forth from audience
> to performer.
> komninos
> komninos zervos
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