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i'm also enjoying this thread, altho swamped with other work so i'm afraid i'm not keeping up very well. i'll drop in some random thoughts from a windswept outpost, on animism & reading life into objects. in my own work with avatars (digital puppets) i find the more visually simple they are, the more scope they offer. the 3d human-like style is less interesting to me. & i'm never alone when i'm on stage with my laptop; she is as much a player in the performance as i am; we have long warm-ups together & debrief over a drink afterwards.

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Dear empyricists, and special hello to Chris

this thread is really stimulating - was weaving the inevitable mekhane into a text a couple of weeks back when it cropped up here like a Deux ex Machina - and now the animism thread.

The archaic world of puppets - manipulated objects - and automats - self-moving objects - and all the hybrid entities that span the continuum between those two categories seems to me to offer useful insights into our notions of live/ness. Gaze as giver of life - le report de la vie, as we say in French.

For me, it is this propensity to read life and live:li:ness into things that connects the most ancient effigies and totems, to those strange creatures our prosthetised eyes are revealing in outer space - Saturn's moons or the capsule that relates them to us - and at "non"human scales on earth, as in the shaping of nanomolecular surfaces. Mixes here of computational display and obdurately physical entities and terrain - as exemplified by our being able to follow Opportunity getting out of a rut on some distant planet.

With thanks for the discussion and lively ideas

best wishes


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