Re: [-empyre-] Farewell to Young-hae Chang Heavy Industries


Thanks for inviting us, it was a pleasure to participate on empyre.


Young-hae and Marc

Young-hae Chang   Marc Voge

On 6/1/05 11:14 PM, "Kim Machan" <> wrote:

> Adieu, Adieu
> It is my feeling that we could have delved so much deeper, but there is some
> feeling of being afraid to go ... to go ... much further.
> YHCHI were so generous and open, perhaps it is .. too far ...
> It is worth noting how far (concretely) the work of YHCHI has taken in
> educational realms /lists/ as example of net art 'par excellence'
> Adieu .....
> Thank you both so much for your 'innocent' and 'non innocent' generosity ...
> best
> kim
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> Dear -empyreans-,
> The month has ticked over, and it is with regret that we bid farewell to
> Young-hae Chang and Marc Voge.
> I am thankful that they were able to take the time to expose some of the
> areas of thought in their practice: speaking on their motivations behind the
> creation of their significant, reactive and influential body of work, their
> responsibility and role as artists, and gentle reminders of the paradoxical
> nature of artistic and poetic practice on the Internet.
> Please keep abreast of new work by visiting:
> -Michael
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