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Sent: Friday, June 03, 2005 6:21 PM
Subject: [-empyre-] point of reference

hello all..
have enjoyed the posts so far but im noticing that the tendency this month to
carry on the discussion or post in the guests  own domains rather than within
the empyre area.. or maybe ist talking the empyre arena into your domains  - im
not sure..  it s interesting

however i'm wondering if  the blogging paradigm is  consequential of, or perhaps
creates, this constant referral to self as a the central point of connection  in
a wider network.
does this mark a shift to  distributing the self from a node so to speak rather
than free ranging..

Melinda Rackham
artist | curator

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Subject: [-empyre-] Re: Logistical Issues plus new mp3s!!!

Glad to see my email stumblings inspired a drawing title. Glancing at the
empyre archive today, my two problems seem to be fixed--the text now wraps,
and my name is correct. Here is how the corrected text looks:

Since we all seem to be hyping posts on our respective pages, allow me to
plug a new song I wrote using a sequencer, softsynths, and a softsampler;
calling it by "Hiphop Guitar" unless I decide a less generic title is


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Subject: [-empyre-] Logistical Issues

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