[-empyre-] Long time listener, first time caller...

Hey folks 
Been half watching the list for the last few months...

It's honelstly  been a few years since I really paid
attention to net art, but the blog phenomenon has
revived my curiousity...was anybody familiar with a
site e13 - used to ab a random collaged diary of
unpredicatble video, text, buttons drop downs, and
seemingly pointless links - around about '98, seems to
be back in some (ultra minimal) form or another <
http://www.e13.com/> ?

--- Tom Moody <tommoody3rd@comcast.net> wrote:

> This is great stuff, jimpunk. I didn't know about
> radioblog.
> I haven't written about you guys' sound files, but I
> like them a lot--you're 
> doing many of the same interesting, scrambly things
> with audio as with the 
> videos and still imagery. I often turn off the
> Quicktime plugins on your 
> page one by one to listen to individual sounds
> rather than in barnyard 
> cacophony form (not always easy to find all the
> little suckers in the visual 
> haystack, to use another agrarian metaphor).
> --tm
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