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On 6/6/05, Chris Ashley <> wrote:

> I'm feeling this way, too, though I think for me the
> work exists in two ways, much like the difference
> between how a painting in the artist's studio can be
> different- in appearance and in meaning- from when it
> enters a more formal context.  I view the drawing as
> WYSIWIG and in the browser, and most viewers only see
> it in the browser.  The potential, however, for the
> viewer to see it raw, as code, is important to me, and
> why I argue that a GIF of one of my images is not the
> same as a browser-made image.

try to open a .gif with notepad
it's kind of pleasant too :)
pretty tough to draw a .gif with notepad, but...

> Well, what is "the hand?"  Often people ask of digital
> artists- I've been asked this a lot- is how can
> drawing in code be really like drawing, but there is a
> physical aspect to the work.  When I make these
> drawings they don't feel machine made.  There really
> is an adding and taking away, a strecthing and
> fitting, and trying something out and erasing it, that
> is very much like drawing.  It is a physical process,
> and it is problem solving.  There is a hand and eye in
> that.  And in imagery like mine I think there is some
> kind of "hand," though certainly it isn't obviously
> gestural, there isn't what we commonly call "touch."
> But there are gestures, and space and color can be
> personal- is this touch?  This is worth discussing
> more, I think.  If you look at the work of my fellow
> panelists there are aspects there that I would think
> to call touch or their hand.  Let's talk more about
> this.  Tom?  Abe?  jimpunk?  What do you think?

looks like a good old discussion about painting, and especially
minimal painting, or even monochrome painting ...
in my opinion there's definitely a kind of "hand" involved in all this
(pixel painting in general actually)... only the interface is
different, but the result, regarding the emotion you get while doing
or watching one of these, is the same, so that the "hand" (the emotion
transmitted from the brain to the hand of the artist, and then to the
work) exists.
maybe you should search this particular 'hand' in the html code itself
(which is actually the real product of the artist, the picture being
only a browser interpretation), which sometimes contains unuseful
(invisible) spaces, and event comments or stuff like that.


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