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on 6/4/05 7:30 AM, Liza Sabater at wrote:

> Why do you think they are a meme?

meme: an idea which spreads

> Why infect?

infect: to affect in a contagious way

> Why not innoculate?

inoculate: to introduce an attitude or idea into the mind of...

I would be fine with this wording as well -- largely the same idea, though I
like the action-free tenor of 'infect'.

> Why just "an important force in the ongoing development of journalism?"

"Just"?? I suppose I didn't intend to create an exhaustive list of the
potentialities in my introduction, nor suggest that journalism was the
raison d'être for weblogging. Though weblogs are journals, in a very real
sense -- the idea of serial publishing for an audience is inherent in the
weblog.  Otherwise, why web?

Certainly, some weblogs go in a vastly different direction than "traditional
journalism" or "business tools"; our guests for this month make that

> Why not freedom of speech, freedom to create, freedom to be?

Of course. But those freedoms exist (and unexist) in other environments, and
are not specific towards framing a discussion around the technology of


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