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--- //jonCates <> wrote:
> as opposed to how difficult + depressing it is to
> converse about these 
> issues [+/or] ideas here on empyre ware you all are
> the invited guest [participants/discussants]?

All right, hold on- I don't know whether you intend it
but I'm wondering if I hear "you people."  I hope I'm
not being accused of being a rude or ingrateful guest.
 I'd like to remove myself from the middle of some
supposed "us vs. them," which is not where I've been
operating from these first few days of June on empyre.
 And I apoligize to list members who have no idea what
this is all about.

I joined empyre for the month of June as an invited
guest who agreed to discuss weblogs and art with the
list.  Michael's intro said, "Mixing the genres of the
documentary, the journal, the personal conversation,
the usenet discussion board, this month's artists
bring the weblog into the realm of artistic practice
in the network."  In particular, my interest is best
represented by this part: "the weblog into the realm
of artistic practice."

I am acquainted with Tom via his weblog and he mine
for the past year and a half or so, and I met him in
his studio when I was in NY three weeks ago.  I know
Abe and jimpunk through the few times they've "stolen"
one of my images for use at Screenfull.  The four
invited panelists, including myself, are not some
united front.  We're all independent.  

We have discussed very briefly outside the list
questions about how empyre works, who is here, and
whether or not the discussions will go in directions
where we have interests and expertise- I brought that
up via email.  Speaking for myself, I really wondered
about (and I'm more detailed and articulate about it
in this following list than I was before): how empyre
works; how the discussions might go; my
agreements/obligations as a guest here; whether I can
meet those agreements given time, energy and brain
power; whether I will also be met on my terms and not
just the list's cultural, historical, social terms;
how I will have to learn and engage, however, the
list's terms; and what I'm getting out of this, as
well.  I'm hopeful that during June something is going
to be said here that lifts a corner on some aspect of
my art practice and weblog practice to shine a light
on it in a way I hadn't yet considered.

Whether or not there has been some side discussion on
Tom's weblog doesn't have anything to do with my
continued participation here. If people ask questions,
and I have something to say, then I'll gladly
participate.  That's what I agreed to.  I don't speak
for the other panelists, and they don't speak for me.


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