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--- clemos <> wrote:

> try to open a .gif with notepad
> it's kind of pleasant too :)
> pretty tough to draw a .gif with notepad, but...

I should try.

> looks like a good old discussion about painting, and
> especially
> minimal painting, or even monochrome painting ...
> in my opinion there's definitely a kind of "hand"
> involved in all this
> (pixel painting in general actually)... only the
> interface is
> different, but the result, regarding the emotion you
> get while doing
> or watching one of these, is the same

I like paintings.  I look at paintings a lot.  I make
paintings.  HTML drawings began as a substitute, but I
don't ultimately think that the  materials and
experience of looking at paintings and digital images
don't in the end have a lot of common.  For me the two
do share some subject matter, some general pictorial
approaches, but the end result is so different- I'm
happy to have both practices.

> transmitted from the brain to the hand of the
> artist, and then to the
> work) exists.
> maybe you should search this particular 'hand' in
> the html code itself
> (which is actually the real product of the artist,
> the picture being
> only a browser interpretation), which sometimes
> contains unuseful
> (invisible) spaces, and event comments or stuff like
> that.

Funny you mention that.  I'd played with that a little
in the past, but just recently, after discussing ideas
with a friend, began putting in, just as a little
beginning, a few invented table attributes (I removed
the opening and closing brackets; is this the kind of
thing you're referring to: 

table border="0" cellpadding="1" cellspacing="0"
bgcolor="#FFFFFF" author="Chris Ashley" title="Asn
Exhaustive List of Possibilities" date="20050601"
size="540 x 784 pixels"
note="Michael Arnold Mages wrote, 'I suppose I didn't
intend to create an exhaustive list of the
potentialities in my introduction, nor suggest that
journalism was the raison d'être for weblogging.'  See";

I'm thinking about more comments like this throughout


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