Re: [-empyre-] point of reference


--- Anna Munster <> wrote:
> what I took Melinda to mean was that both blogs and
> discussion lists are 2
> different forms of distributed production (of self,
> of art, of the social, of software etc).

Thanks for the clarification.  Helpful.  I don't think
I have anything brilliant to add.

> I do find it interesting that people veer towards
> either lists or blogs.

Do you see evidence of that?  Besides the four
panelists here?  My sense of that is yes, it's true,
but I'm not sure what I'm basing that on.

> to stay with them and develop a sense of them over a
> period of time, is
> also the case for lists. Both "forms" are very much
> dynamic and time-based
> network formations

Yes, agreed.  The reason I make that point- and maybe
it's not necessary to make the point anymore, but I'm
not sure- is that at one time one could count on many
visitors who did not know the difference between a web
site and a weblog, who didn't understand that weblogs,
typically, change more often than web sites.


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