Re: [-empyre-] Another Cryptic reMove (-empyre-)[-empyre-]{-empyre-}\-empyre-/ (and so on)

I received an email from an empyre member- s/he had
modified one of my email drawings and had sent it to
the list, but it was rejected because it wasn't ascii
but was instead a couple of hundred lines of HTML (I'm
not clear whether or not to identify the person, so
it's s/he).

I understand wanting to keep the list to plain text,
but since my weblog work consists mostly of the
drawings, and the drawings are happening daily, and
the daily drawings are in response to texts - or clips
of texts- from posts to the list then I feel the need
to point to the drawings via posts to this list. 
That's my practice, and the place for me to begin

I'm using pretty simple ol' HTML, no scripts, nothing
fancy, so there is something here about my
participation that feels like my whole body's not in
it, as if I've lost a leg... or two.


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