Re: [-empyre-] point of reference

hey chris
i'm a wet behind the ears newbie at blog culture, and obviously there is a 
culture out there.
it would seem like to fully understand you have to engage with the 
technology, understand its limitations and potential, and then use it in 
an artistic practice, which the four of you do quite differently.

would i be right in assuming that as well as maintaining your own blogs, 
and blogart poetics, you work with aggregators and actually keep your 
fingers on the pulse of what is happening in the blogosphere.
so do you have to have a knowledge of xml, php and rss?

apart from your obvious tablecodingart skills, which you have developed 
and seem to be endlessly satisfied with this development, what technical 
skills does a person need to get involved in the blog art world?

check out some html art my first year students do as an introductory 
exercise to learning html coding.

 komninos zervos
"Our Workplace Rights are NOT for sale."

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