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Hi all

Some interesting dynamics on empyre! After last month where Young Hae Chang Heavy Industries adopted a somewhat provocative or supercilious or sarcastic tone with some respondents (correct me if I'm wrong) and were rewarded with seeing the conversation essentially DIE here are some bloggers who want to shake things up!

I think like a lot of other listers I was initially surprised by Jimpunk (who sounds like he is French by the way) and the others posting links and "talking in links" - I have to say also that I found screenfull really really great, completely anarchic energy - love the pdf book too! Anyway there probably could have been more responses and interaction... personally I have no problem with people talking about themselves their art or their mother if they do with style and energy.

At the same time something which has not come up (yet) is the issue of blogspace - the link economy - how do you all think about linking to or not linking to other blogs? Do you feel part of a blogging community or tribe? Do you seek out links?

Oh, and a part of me wants to add - in the nicest possible way, coming from an academic wanker no less - if some of you seem not to like lists then why did you agree to come in as guests?


On 09/06/2005, at 6:35 AM, //jonCates wrote:

On Jun 8, 2005, at 11:20 AM, Tom Moody wrote:


>We're having an off-the-list discussion about it over here:

yes, i have bin following that thread as well. i have been following the thread @ the uri above, in my feedreader + the version piped over to SCREENFULL @

which btw, has a better snd trax.

>Feel free to join in, it's easy and fun!

as opposed to how difficult + depressing it is to converse about these issues [+/or] ideas here on empyre ware you all are the invited guest [participants/discussants]?

// jonCates

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