[-empyre-] email in the era of blogging in the era of RSS

Now, if each of these were a blog or a Bulletin Board or a Forum, I
would have to open up my browser, load each page, look to see what's
the latest statements and threads (more clicking and loading pages),
determine if I want to read it (more clicking and loading pages) and
maintain a "background" memory of where I am in the hierarchy of the
site's logic tree.

or, if they have an RSS feed, like most good blogs do, you could use Thunderbird or another similar email client (the new Mail client for OSX.4 i hear does this now) and follow blog discussions as easy as email via RSS feed subscriptions. thunderbird will even display the entire contents of a web page as it would appear in a browser if you want (as opposed to just reading simple textual/image entries).

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