[-empyre-] video killed the radio star

some how this conversation has overtones of  the "video killed the radio star"
pop song from some decade late last century, with its "blogs are better than
lists" suggestion..

..  but i dont think video did kill the radio star  cause every time i get into
taxi i am  reminded of the opinion making power of talk back radio..  ( or is
this the only country were taxi drivers are obsessed with it.. ?) and the
endlessness with which  certain tracks  are repeated sealing sound artists
fortunes.. even in the days of peer to peer.

 somehow narrowband persists, like a mailing list,  like line animation,
minimalism and concrete art , the  pixelated aesthetic,  delicious 8 bit sound,

denser fatter boarder forms are freely available,  yet people continue to
prefer the less sensory immersive option. txt messages are more popular  than
voice calls. there's more to it than financial considerations..
 its some how about  intense concentration -  of the essence of the concept
being communicated through strict, tight,  parameters. there is something very
clever in that..

Melinda Rackham
artist | curator


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