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--- Mathieu O'Neil <> wrote:
> At the same time something which has not come up
> (yet) is the issue of 
> blogspace - the link economy - how do you all think
> about linking to or 
> not linking to other blogs? Do you feel part of a
> blogging community or 
> tribe? Do you seek out links?

I of course only speak for myself. In my previous
educational technology weblogging linking was very
important.  Lots of early webloggers started out by
merely linking to other things online.  The other
practice is to hyperlink in a text as a citation. 
Linking to other weblogs was a good way to build
connections, create buzz, get hits through courtesy
backlinking, etc.  Back then it can be kind of a game.
 What tends to happen is that stars rise and end up
being the places lots of people link to.

At Look, See I don't habitually link to other weblogs.
 That's not the kind of weblog it is.  Through my
weblog I've made artist acquaintances, and I'm happy
about that, but I'm not into creating or belonging to
a little tribe of like-minded people.  If I'm writing
something and linking is required as part of that
writing I'll link anywhere as citation.

> Oh, and a part of me wants to add - in the nicest
> possible way, coming 
> from an academic wanker no less - if some of you
> seem not to like lists 
> then why did you agree to come in as guests?

Said nicely.  I said I don't like lists not because I
don't like lists or because I think weblogs are
superior (they're apples and oranges, and I don't get
why that's a topic here) but because I find them too
labor intensive: I reread things trying to figure out
tone or intention and getting nowhere and steamed;
some people just don't write clearly or put the effort
into communicating clearly and it's too hard to
respond; I've been on different kinds of lists for
years and they just don't fit into my life that easily
anymore.  I agreed to be on empyre during June knowing
that I'd be a guest, it should be interesting, and it
would be highly unlikely that I would continue as an
active member of the list.


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