Re: [-empyre-] clarifying: a reply...


> I don't think that the distinction between lists and
> blogs is at all ungrounded.


Folks, these aren't the same thing at all.  Most
weblogs are not great discussion tools.  This isn't a
competition to see what comes out on top.  Is -empyre-
being protected as some kind of turf to the point
where no one will actually look at the weblogs of the
list's guest panelists; I mean, I haven't read a
serious comment yet about what any of the four
panelists are doing as artists.

> Frankly, I prefer lists, because I'm lazy.

I doubt you're that lazy.  Tools like a mailing list
and online calendars and aggregators make things
easier to do not just because we're lazy, but because
the technology is such a drag to use without these

> Now, with the folks featured here this month,
> clearly a blog system 
> makes much more sense as an avenue of expression.

I'm waiting for someone besides me to engage in a
discussion of this.

Henry, I'd reply to more of what you wrote, but I'm
just going to have to end it here.


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