Re: [-empyre-] video killed the radio star

--- Melinda Rackham <> wrote:
> some how this conversation has overtones of  the
> "video killed the radio star"
> pop song from some decade late last century, with
> its "blogs are better than
> lists" suggestion..

Did anyone ever say that weblogs are better than
lists, end of discussion?  I don't get this point. 
Apples and oranges- you're comparing things that work
in entirely different ways.  

As far as the panelist here are concerned, what we do
could never happen on a list.  Wrong technology. 
That's why weblogs are better for us.

Now, if I really wanted to engage in a long range,
fully archived, mulit-view, searchable discussion with
a bunch of colleagues, sure, I'd probably go with the


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