Re: [-empyre-] video killed the radio star

--- marcus bastos <> wrote:
> the thin line that separates public and private in
> cyberspace? Doesn´t
> blog culture seems to be related with these broader
> tendencies, that
> is, a larger culture of using the web as a tool for
> periodic
> publishing, but also as a tool for publishing
> material that would
> probably be discarded or reformated in a different
> context?

Yes, that's true.  That's a nice way of saying it. 
One could also say, "Weblogs are a great way to post
all kinds of crap."  And there must be value in there
somewhere, but it's a lot to sift through.  I think if
something needs a home the producer is going to find a
place for it, weblog or not.  So an artist or writer
or musician is going to find ways to distribute their
work.  Weblogs have made that a little easier since
the barriers for entry are so low- you can have your
weblog hosted for you, you don't need to know any
HTML, really, you don't need permission, you own it,
and you can start them and leave them as needed.


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