Re: [-empyre-] locative GPS driven blogs

--- Jason Nelson <> wrote:
> I am curious if anyone has done work
> in regards to locative blogs or gps driven blogs.
> What I imagine are blogs attached to specific places
> and then built apon.  But then what are the issues
> with GPS driven blogs?
> Some ideas for GPS bloggging....
> blogs for direction or orientation, blogs for speed
> or
> pace, blogs in certain shapes,
> blogs as  they relate to weather, time of year....
> so any ideas?

You may know about some of what folks are doing with
Google maps, GPS, and mark up.  Some is weblog based.
Not sure if this is really what you're looking for: my
Berkeley colleague Raymond Yee is involved in that,
and in tying in Flickr with it.  See his wiki as a
starting place:  Raymond
can connect you to more of this world if need it or
don't have any connections yet.  Let me know if you
need more info or an introduction.


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