Re: [-empyre-] Fill the Void (-empyre- 15)

--- rich white <> wrote:
> nice to see you back chris

Thanks, Rich.  Let's see how long I stick around. 

> questions to all panelists (if you are there?):
> do you feel anxious if you are not blogging (in
> chris's case posting a
> drawing a day)?
> do you find that blogging compels you to work, or is
> your compulsion to
> work facilitated by the blog?

Weblogging compels me to work.  I've made a commitment
to myself.  I have a policy of a post a day.  It's
just something I need to be productive.  I know how
skipping a day leads to two or three and before you
know it you've gained fifteen pounds and can't run
around the block anymore.  I think you know what I

I was annoyed that the place where I was at over the
weekend, which normally has wireless, wasn't working
right.  This is out in the country where the internet
connection is by a repeater (or whateever you call it)
aimed at antenna across canyons from ridge to ridge. 
Once I realized I wouldn't have access I let go of it
for a couple of days.  The point was to get away
anyway, so, whatever.  Not anxious, no, just annoyed
at first.

I make an HTML drawing everyday, but I also draw some
everyday on paper, paint, play my guitar, talk to my
wife, brush my teeth, wash dishes, take a shower,
blah, blah, blah- there's a lot one does everyday. 
Why is doing something in one's weblog everyday seen
as a weird kind of devotion?


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