Re: [-empyre-] Fill the Void (-empyre- 15)

--- Komninos Zervos <> wrote:
> the bloggers seem to be very good at filling their
> own void.
> i'll stick to lists
> komninos

This is the third post from you, I believe, in which
some not so thinly-veiled kind of hostility has been

I'm an invited guest here, doing this on my own time;
there's no honorarium or perks associated with being a
guest on this list.  I'm honestly perplexed why you
feel you can be so rude to me.  Would you behave the
same way towards me if this discussion was taking
place in a room with all empyre list member present?

Is this supposed to be the point at which I say "Hey,
Kominos, fuck off, you cunt!"?  Would that make you
happy?  And then you can say, "See, I was right about
those bloggers."

No, I'll maintain my composure instead.  I think I'll
ignore your posts from now on.


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