Re: [-empyre-] point of reference

"Yes, one must understand a mediums limitations and
push up against it."
like the blues, 12 bars but so many interpretations.

"When my weblog was getting spammed I turned
off comments and never missed them."
aren't you concerned about how your work is received?
or are you just satisfied in the making?
but then why would you have a blog?
"endlessly satisfied?"  What does
that mean- smug, arrogant, narrow minded?"
not at all, i mean satisfied with your artistic mission, daily discipline,
rigorous output, i couldn't keep it up. is there viagra for blogs?
and you are right, listing an in-operative blog is less than useless, this
stuff could just as easily sit on a website. but i set up my audioblog when
macromedia was offering free space on their server, and all you had to do
was record your voice on the computer to a flash program (flash
communications server) voice posts, now that i dig a lot, but it is hard to
maintain with 2 kids and a full time teaching job.
those were the kinds of skills i was interested in, and also how you get
people to find you in the first place if you are not using any of that xml
php terchnology.

"What age group is
this?  It's great they learn skills; when do they
learn to think about content?"
in relation to my first year, first semester university Arts and
communications students, about 17 years old out of high school.
well i don't let them use anything more than basic html formatting  code,
text, lists, tables, frames, links, but no images, sound, or anything else
in the first four weeks of two hour per week tutorials.
this is their first exposure to html code and websites. i think the content
'teaching' is there from the beginning. and i thought you would have agreed
with that. they are being asked to create something that is interpreted
visually, in a text language that is normally interpreted differently. it
is a new kind of writing and like the restrictions on the blues and your
own work, which you have been doing for quite some time, i believe it makes
the students think creatively in the use of the technology. i'm sure you
didn't make such accomplished works as are on your blog in the first three
weeks of learning html, did you?
i suppose with time the students will learn ways to have engaging content,
not merely shades and variations, but more concrete statements through
their art.

nice talkin to you.

komninos zervos
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