Re: [-empyre-] Fill the Void (-empyre- 15)

Hello Chris,

a lurker by habit I feel I should say something here...I am 
not sure why!

I stumbled across your blog a while ago and have found it 
very interesting for many of the reasons you have 
mentioned.  I seriously enjoy the imagery, range of 
investigation, links and associated was fun 
going on your trip to NYC!

I have begun to explore blogs more because of the general 
discussion and access to links here...again I enjoy the 
hybrid/spontaneous nature of the beast that is the blog. 
Because of this I personally  find it more accessible than a 
conventional list but of course they really are doing 
different things....hate this better/worse kind of argument.

Some of the blogs featured have been wonderful invitations 
into other very personal worlds of very public individuals.  

Thanks for your time Chris, I for one am finding it a 

Daniel Mafe
Visual Arts/Creative Industries
Queensland University of Technology
Victoria Park Rd.
Kelvin Grove Q 4059

t 07 3864 3253
f 07 3864 3974

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