Re: [-empyre-] locative GPS driven blogs

There is work being done by some Drupal module coders to bring that SOAP technology for mapping people. What I don't understand is your use of GPS. I mean, are you talking about attaching coordinates to a blog or are you talking about moblogging or locative blogging, which would be a more locative version of moblogging?

On Jun 15 2005, at 02:09, Jason Nelson wrote:

I am curious if anyone has done work in regards to locative blogs or gps driven blogs.

What I imagine are blogs attached to specific places
and then built apon.  But then what are the issues
with GPS driven blogs?

Some ideas for GPS bloggging....
blogs for direction or orientation, blogs for speed or
pace, blogs in certain shapes,
blogs as  they relate to weather, time of year....

so any ideas?

cheers, Jason Nelson

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