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> >hello empyre,
> elloha rob.

Who is Rob?

> dispersal(s)] present, the infancy of the
> blog_medium makes it easy 2 
> relegate it 2 a level of amateurism, outside the
> gradient of established 
> media_vehicles.......

I think this is a really good point, and one worth
acknowledging and repeating.  Don't confuse the tool's
current application with its potential.  There was the
early dream by some of the web's democratizing
capability- that citizens will be more involved and
empowered.  If that was the case George W. would not
be president.  The web has leveled the playing field
for easy entry, but the discipline of practice and the
place of the author filter out the good from the bad. 

> blogs m.body a perspective of elementary content
> alteration in a melange of 
> communication dynamics driven/governed by economic
> rationalism + blanket 
> perspectivism.....

Weblogs are content management and delivery systems.  

They dynamics of weblogs can be varied, but don't have
to be.  

That, according to some, the market will always do
what's right?  In the weblog world that means hits and

And Nietzsche's idea that truth depends on our
prespective?  Yes.

Why do you say, "elementary content alteration"?  Do
you mean "elementary content" ro "elementary

And how on earth do you write so consistently with the
"." and "+" and all that?


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