[-empyre-] _media persistence + sensoria_

mel wrote:
somehow narrowband persists, like a mailing list,  like line animation,
minimalism and concrete art , the  pixelated aesthetic,  delicious 8 bit sound,

denser fatter boarder forms are freely available,  yet people continue to
prefer the less sensory immersive option. txt messages are more popular  than
voice calls. there's more to it than financial considerations..
 its some how about  intense concentration -  of the essence of the concept
being communicated through strict, tight,  parameters. there is something very
clever in that..

 hi again all.

  just wanted to quickly comment on the above.....1stly, the idea of narrowbrand
forms "persisting" is intriguing 2 me....this seems to imply that
memes/technological innovation replaces/make older forms redundant thru the
embracing of newer or progressive forms rather than projecting 4ward from these.....

....i'm more of a continuum advocate myself....it seems more interesting 2 parse
information/media/ums existing via [sociocultural or expressive] builds that
both enhance + project forms in ways that r unexpected + [hopefully] startlingly

  the notion that broadband forms imply more sensory immersion/triggers seems
somehow hollow.....as if the form itself dictates exclusive perceptual
orientations 2wards the data/entertainment/art/info presented....i'd like 2
think that the way forms like these r absorbed includes contextual cues that
couch an ability 2 invoke full-blooded sub/immersion no matter how
[non]sensory-based the input?


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